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Who are We?

Atom Aerial deliver the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) survey and photography service on behalf of Atom Consultants – our Chartered Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy. One of our pilots is also a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer with over 20 years experience, which means that the drone truly is in safe hands at a construction site.

We conduct our droning operations throughout the UK to complement the services provided by our experienced team of Civil and Structural Engineers allowing us to undertake more detailed assessments on the sites which we survey.

As a company we are at the forefront of the latest technological advances in our field and have been amongst a handful of early adopters of BIM and Photogrammetry.

We are continuing to evolve to be recognised as thought leaders within these fields. We are amazed at what we do here at Atom Aerial by combining experience and the latest technology in the hands of our expert pilots and engineers.

We hope you will love the results it can bring you too.

Aerial Surveys & Inspections – By scheduling regular aerial inspections, you can save money on maintenance, reduce insurance cost and become better informed to make crucial risk assessments.

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Our Equipment

We are constantly upgrading our UAV technology to stay at the top of the game. Our aerial drones can reach all areas without the need for scaffolding or cranes, therefore we are able to provide a far more convenient and cost effective way to complete the previously notoriously expensive site and/or building surveys. We also own a hexacopter, which allows to carry higher payloads, including a thermal imaging camera, which is especially useful for inspecting utilities. We are also collaborating with several universities on some pretty high-end droning stuff (more to be revealed soon).

What Can We Do For You?

Aerial Photography & Videography – 360 degree Virtual Tours help to put the viewer right into the heart of a project, and capture the details that verify work as it progresses on site.

3D Mapping Point Cloud & Photogrammetry creation, combined with over 20 years of experience in BIM technology allow Atom Aerial to capture your site’s data and develop this into meaningful 3D geometry for planning or construction purposes.

Our Drone Video Footage brings the site and surroundings to life and helps to tell the project’s story.

Our high resolution cameras fly very close to the site features and therefore deliver highly detailed images way beyond the capabilities of traditional helicopter based photography. This is particularly important when razor sharp promotional imaging or high definition video is required.

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Where Do We Work?

We love what we do and we aim to do it well. We have the experience and the know-how. We’ve droned in Sweden and Estonia, as well as in Outer Hebrides and all over United Kingdom. We’ve climbed the Schiehallion with drones on our backs. We’ve done sacred sites, islands and over-water flights. We’ve filmed in 22 mph winds and in “live” construction sites. We’ve done roof inspections and we’ve filmed people going down zip wires at 45 mph.  We’ve droned cathedral spires and even flown indoors. We are experienced, but we never stop learning.  The world is our oyster and we love capturing the beauty of it. First and foremost we are people just like you, perhaps just slightly more experienced in flying drones.

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Why Choose Atom Aerial?

All our pilots are BNUC-S qualified with “Permissions to conduct commercial operations” from the Civil Aviation Authority. We have been licenced since 2015, having completed the pilot training in 2014. We are fully insured and have the relevant public liability cover. Our drone camera operator is a female – who says that droning is just for boys? She’s also a Psychologist and leads our in-house post-production team, which means that we somehow manage to add an emotional dimension to our videos. We don’t just hand you the raw footage, we convey feelings which evoke emotions of all sorts and that’s what it’s all about- We can tell YOUR story and capture the essence of what you’re all about.

We usually send out a “2 man team”, a drone pilot and a camera operator/spotter. This allows for the pilot to concentrate on what he does best- flying the drone safely, while the camera girl can focus on capturing the best footage imaginable. We also conduct automated flights, mainly for the creation of 3D images, as it allows for the drone to capture images in a grid-like format, ensuring that every angle of the location or an object is captured. The drone however still remains under the full control of the pilot and the spotter is always present as an added safety feature.

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Why Not Call For A Chat?

We love talking about our work, so please connect with us to explore the very best options we can offer for your requirements. See you soon!

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