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Aerial Photography

There is more to aerial photography than just flying over a site or an object and taking some photos. It’s about that perfect angle, the position of the sun, the amount of cloud coverage, the light, the quality of your camera, the filter and so much more.

We are very good at 3D Mapping Point Cloud & Photogrammetry creation as we have a solid background in Building Information Modelling and use of Autodesk software. We have been experimenting with 3D model creation from drone photos for years and have found the accuracy of the model to be down to 2 cm (sic!), that means that there are enormous amounts of manpower, money and time to be saved by letting the drone take the photos and software convert it into a model. Did you know that you can spin the 3D model in any way you want and zoom in on the finest details of the object? Or perhaps you want to plug the model into your 3D printer and print out a model of your site?

Our high resolution cameras can take images from 12 mpx to 36 mpx and fly closer than any helicopters. We really don’t think that our stunning Earth’s beauty from a high vantage point should only be accessible for a chosen few who can afford to pay a helicopter or a plane pilot. Our planet is for all of us, hence whatever you want to do, we do not think you’re crazy. First you have to imagine the unthinkable, then call us and let us make the unthinkable a reality!

Full 3D Capture

Record the details of Objects and Artefacts in a full 3D model.

Recreate the originals through 3D printing of keep the models as records of the objects in current history.

3D Photography is in its infancy but is set to become a highly accurate means of recording the intricate details of historical objects.

Mossyard Sunset 1200 - Aerial Photos & Video

Aerial Cinematography

Droning is relatively easy. Pretty soon we’ll all have a wearable drone on our wrists and are able to capture selfies on the go, however there is more to it than you think. Being able to capture stunning drone footage takes some practice and dedication. Choosing the right track to accompany your video might take hours of trawling on audio sites. Getting the light and the colour just right requires skill, practice and first and foremost, knowledge. Anyone can fly a drone, but only years of practice will give you a smooth, fluid footage. We too have fallen and risen again, learning and re-learning every day to get it right. It has been said that it takes 10 000 hours to become an expert in any subject, we’re not quite there yet, but we’re a long way down the road already. We’ll never stop learning though, as each new location will present it’s own challenges. The light today is not what it was yesterday. The time of day, the season, the mood, the weather is never the same. The final cut will take hours, if not days to perfect and each time we look back at old videos we want to re-edit them again, as we’ve grown and learned something new. We use music as a source of inspiration and then there’s you as well- bringing out that uniqueness in you and your site is what makes us tick.

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Drones for Good!

We are a bit of a bunch of Drone Evangelists. We bought the technology back in 2014 and have been banging the drone drum loud and clear since then. Also, turns out that 99% of drone folk are men? Guess we must be amongst the 1% of a rare drone breed then, as our drone camera operator is a woman and it’s only a matter of time till she passes her pilot test as well. We definitely champion a world without boundaries and if we can inspire more women to get into droning the better it is! Check out She Flies from Australia for more inspiration, as they’ve definitely inspired us!

We believe that drone technology is still very much in it’s infancy. Ultimately it is about application- utilising the drone technology to assist humans, improving the overall quality of life, while also helping to minimise the impact human activity can have on the nature.  Did you know for example that drones are used for detecting sharks in Australia? Did you know that they can deliver blood to accident sites? That UAV technology can effectively be used in humanitarian response? Following the recent hurricanes, drones were the first ones sent up to see which roads and power lines were damaged. What about working in inaccessible and dangerous conditions? Or what about the cost of erecting scaffolding and the associated time spent when all it takes with a drone is a quick fly over?

What about your time and convenience? Do you fancy laying on a beach and having a nice cold ice cream dropped straight onto your lap  by Uber’s drones? Or getting a nice cold beer delivered by a drone? Or perhaps you want to cheer up your pet and have some snacks delivered to it by a drone while you are away? 

The applications are endless. We personally are looking forward to some nice drone VR flights during lunch breaks over the Grand Canyon or maybe a proper Drone Race. Actually monitoring wildlife in Great Barrier Reef with a drone does not sound so bad either.


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