Algarve’s Western Coast is a hidden gem for surfers and vagabonds alike!

My idea of a holiday is to get away from it all, that includes the people, the cities, the villas and the indoors. Portugal’s Western Coast is ideal for that. Head up via N120 or N267 and let your breath be taken away!

You may want to begin your exploration with the small hamlet of Bordeira and it’s fabulous sand dune abundant beach Praia da Bordeira-

Praia da Bordeira

Bordeira’s beach

well accessible by a host of wooden steps but a massive step up from the likes of Praia de Vale Figueiras, which is a dusty 10 min drive away from the main road, but will reward you with total privacy, as you may just be the only one on the beach.


A little further up is Praia da Arrifana, which gifts you with fabulous views from the top of the cliff and has a host of cafes and restaurants, just in case you were to miss the civilization.

Praia de Monte Clerigo is another one with stupendously beautiful views, but my absolute firm favorite is the awe-inspiring Praia da Amoreira-

Praia da Amoreira

Praia da Amoreira

it reminds me of the beaches of Iona and Uig, minus the cold Scottish weather. It is simply stunning and not crowded at all. Some call it the Algarve’s best kept secret and I could not agree more. The best thing about any of the west coast beaches is the low key vibe, you do not see any silicone nor false lashes here. You’re here to chill, surf and relax, not to show off your latest Botox injection. You’re here to be you, minus the pretense and the appearances.

The one we droned is called Praia do Carvalhal.

Algarve's west coast beach

Surfing beach in Carvalhal

Albeit the drive to it takes you past the immense raspberry and strawberry plantations filled with migrant workers, which makes you feel like a privileged slave driver, the beach itself is awesomely tranquil and perfect for surfing. Try out the Carvalhal Beach Nature for some food, surf lessons or yoga. The staff is amazing and you won’t be disappointed.

beach bar in Praia do Carvalhal

beach bar in Praia do Carvalhal

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