Cinematic Drone Video of The Holy Island of Lindisfarne Causeway and Bamburgh Castle

The night before we ventured out to shoot the footage for this video we spent 6 hours turning my bumper beetroot and apple crop into a supposedly super awesome home made wine. It involved a lot of chopping and boiling and juicing and then a lot of scrubbing and cleaning of the kitchen afterwards. I’ve never made wine before, but hey, there’s always a first time for everything. Check in in a year’s time to see if it turned out fine- I think we’ll call it something like “Dangerously Good” or “You wish you’d never tried that”.

So instead of a nice lazy Sunday morning lie- in, we hopped into the car and drove to Northumberland’s cost. We’ve been to The Holy Island of Lindisfarne before, but did not take a drone with us, which we deeply regretted, hence that Sunday was the perfect time to revisit the place and get some fabulous footage. Lindisfarne is connected to the mainland by a tidal causeway. I think this is just brilliant. Imagine you have some friends who come to stay and they slightly outstretch their welcome, you can sort of casually remark that “Oh, by the way the tide will come in at 4 pm, so unless you want to be stuck on the island till 9.30 pm, you better hop in your car now and see you soon!” It’s a bit like living in a castle and drawing up the draw bridge so you can have some peace and quiet.

I knew we were cutting it tight, as the next tide was supposed to come in at 4 pm and Florence’s (she’s our car, lovingly called after Florence from Florence and the Machine) sat nav clocked ETA as 3 pm. Quick droning on the island- the weather by that time had turned to a rather misty one, so we only used up 2 batteries and quickly packed up to get back to the causeway in time. Once there we could relax in knowing that at least we won’t be stuck on Lindisfarne till 21.30. Check out the Lindisfarne video here!

Aaah, such a cool thing to drive on the causeway, knowing that the sea is slowly creeping in and soon the the nature takes over. I did a few runs up and down the causeway with Florence, while James was filming me from the mud flats. I think it turned our pretty good?

Bamburgh Castle is only a few miles down the road and since we had plenty of batteries left we decided to shoot that as well. The sea was simply awesome and by chance we even caught the castle light switch on- call it perfect timing or what?

I wanted the footage to match the awesome track I found by a Swedish producer, Johannes Börnlof,  so I experimented with a more cinematic look and I just love love love speeding up waves!