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Breathtaking Croatia- Sailing Holiday

Sailing in Croatia- Best summer fun ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZL0tQZaw98&t=247s Are you a lounge around the pool type or the one who likes to keep active during your holidays? We, here at team Atom Aerial, tend to veer towards the latter category and...

Wiltshire Crop Circles

Wiltshire- every UFO hunter's dream I still can't fathom how on Earth did we end up droning a crop circle, but I guess if you happened to drive past one and had the drone gear in the back of your car, you'd do the same. We were on our way...

Beornice: Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland

Cinematic Drone Video of The Holy Island of Lindisfarne Causeway and Bamburgh Castle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIYDU5BP5QU The night before we ventured out to shoot the footage for this video we spent 6 hours turning my bumper beetroot and apple crop into a...

Thae lasses didnae hang aboot- Scotland’s Best Adventure Experience- Laggan Outdoor Activity Centre

Just opposite Mossyard is Laggan Outdoor Activity Centre, boasting one of Europe’s longest (820 m) zip wires, as well as the ominous sounding human slingshot. I’ve got to tell you this: our pilot’s wonderful 82 y old mother Janet from Creetown (just down the road from Laggan) has been down it a year ago with her similarly aged girlfriends. Guess the Creetown Ladies are never too old for a spot of fun in between sipping their tea and scoffing their scones.

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