Construction Progressing on the Thorpe Park Development Site in Leeds

Site Survey Utilising Reality Capture

Instant Measurements by drone: Measure distance, area and volumes instantly on any device

It all starts with the existing site. Even a green field site holds information which needs to be captured. Surface levels, location relative to access points, rock outcrops, trees, boundaries, lakes, rivers and general features of the site all impact on the proposals to develop in the location.
Perhaps there are existing buildings on site which require conditional and dimensional surveys to determine the influence these facilities may have on the future plans. Traditional access and survey techniques are time consuming and expensive. Inaccessible areas of the existing facilities either get overlooked or require specialist access techniques.
Our cameras rapidly capture the reality of the existing sites and provide visual feedback to help everyone understand how proposals for any project will incorporate and enhance the existing environment.

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Monitoring the construction progress

Share data collected by drones to update stakeholders and better align teams. As construction proceeds, drones provide a quick and versatile way to capture the work in progress. Weekly drone flights can help to  monitor change over time. Video footage collected can be converted into a three-dimensional picture of the site, which is fed into software that compares it to computerised architectural drawings, as well as the construction work plan, showing when each element should be finished. Areas which are falling behind schedule can be identified and overall productivity can be measured. Monitoring activity across a large, complex construction site is particularly difficult because there are so many moving parts, and because the jobs being performed change frequently. Improved planning, co-ordination and communication can help to improve construction industry’s productivity.
Comprehensive views of the site help the project reach a wider audience keeping everyone involved up to date with the most recent work completed highlighting the progress of the development along with expected completion dates which are visually realistic.

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Project Completion

After all that great work in delivering a fantastic project it’s time to celebrate with some equally stunning images of the new facilities. Broadcast the benefits of the recently completed project to the world and let them know what a great achievement your project represents.
Highlight the key features of the project on social media to raise awareness of the great new facilities.
Great Aerial shots and video of the building have so many uses for marketing the facilities and the team who made it possible.

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