Salmon Fishing in the Yemen- jumping salmon on Isle of Mull, Scotland

Daily Aerobics in the Salmon Sea Cages

Don’t you just love Ewan McGregor! He was super hot and rugged as a Norwegian Thor God on his motorbike in the Long Way Round, albeit in dire need of a shave and a hair cut, while contradistinctively vulnerable and suffering in the Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Aaah his beautiful Scottish sky-blue eyes! The inconsolable sadness in them brought on by that Chetwode-Talbot girl who just did not know what a good catch she had yet! What’s more, the man has morals- see his Twitter feed for evidence of his heart being in the right place! Aaah, anyway, love that movie!

Let’s move on to salmon then. Sorry, once again, just could not help myself. Driving around the Isle of Mull (which by the way is simply magic- well more on this in another blog), we came across one of the many salmon farms in the sea loch and decided to drone it. Our big sister company- Atom Consultants is actually an expert in designing food production facilities for salmon producers, so it was only appropriate that we get some footage of the salmon in action too. I love nature, and obviously I’d prefer us all to grow our own food and fish our own fish- just enough to feed our families, but hey, we live in an overpopulated world and all those hungry mouths need feeding. It is somewhat comforting to know that even though modern salmon production requires cages, the fish are still in as close to their natural environment as possible- i.e. in a sea loch. Why do they jump so much? I meant to Google it, but hey, there are only 24 h in a day and currently I’m using every 86 400 seconds of it, so it’s on my “to Google” list currently. Oh and there are seals in that loch! Once we packed up our UAVs (it started raining again) I suddenly felt like someone was watching me. I turned around and wow! there it was- or should I say there they were- 2 most beautiful curious little seals I’ve ever seen! Caught them on my mobile phone camera. Seeing them so close was a gift I will treasure for a long time!