Thae lasses didnae hang aboot- Scotland’s Best Adventure Experience- Laggan Outdoor Activity


It is not disgraceful to ask, it is disgraceful no to ask (Turkish Proverb).

Scotland is a marvel, especially when it is not raining. The sun was just too bright to sit indoors, so we thought we’ll make one last dash to the Mossyard beach before it sets. Just opposite Mossyard is Laggan Outdoor Activity Centre, boasting one of Europe’s longest (820 m) zip wires, as well as the ominous sounding human slingshot. I’ve got to tell you this: our pilot’s wonderful 82 y old mother Janet from Creetown (just down the road from Laggan) has been down it a year ago with her similarly aged girlfriends. Guess the Creetown Ladies are never too old for a spot of fun in between sipping their tea and scoffing their scones. Anyway, coming back to the proverb quoted in the beginning- it is not disgraceful to ask and being spontaneous to the tiniest bone in my body (that’s the stapes by the way), we thought it would be super cool to film someone coming down the zip wire and test our droning skills. Well thankfully the staff at Laggan are as friendly as can be and said yes, go for it, so off we trotted! It was just brilliant fun! A wonderful group of girls was shooting down the zip wire at the top at 45 mph and we had hard time keeping up with them. End result is captured here. Enjoy and don’t forget to have fun next time you’re up at Dumfries and Galloway way!

PS! Thank you Lizzy for the last bit of yummy chocolate cake you so kindly donated to my starving teenager son! Much love Scotland!